How we charge

The cost of a purchase is one of the most important factors you’ll consider before buying any item. Financial planning should be no different.

After the team that work here, our fees are the aspect of our service that we make the biggest song and dance about. Which is why we’re happy to be completely transparent about how we charge as well as where we add value.

Here’s how we charge.

Discovery meeting

How we charge: We don’t.

We make no charge for the introductory stages of our work with you. This usually consists of an initial phone call and then a discovery meeting. This meeting is a chance for you to tell us about your goals for the future as well as your current situation. It is also a chance for us both to explore whether you will be able to benefit from our advice. It’s really important that you feel comfortable with us and confident that we’ll be able to help you reach your goals. Therefore, we wouldn’t dream of charging you for our time at this stage.

Financial report

How we charge: We don’t.

After your discovery meeting, we will go away and produce a financial report highlighting how we think you can start to tackle your objectives and how we can help you with your plans. It will also include a full explanation of all likely charges going forward. We will then arrange another meeting with you where we will report back to you on what we have found and what we recommend, and will discuss your options for your next steps. You have no obligation to continue working with us at this stage.

How we work

Financial planning and advice

How we charge: Flat fee, paid annually.

We charge a fixed fee for the work that goes into implementing, maintaining and updating your financial plan.

In some limited circumstances, where the complexity or scope of the work you wish us to undertake exceeds our normal range, this cost may be higher. Where additional work is required, an indication of the cost to complete this work will be discussed and agreed with you prior to the work commencing. We don’t do nasty surprises.

What we charge: £1,950 per annum. If we are providing ongoing investment oversight (see below) for more than £500,000 of your money, this fee reduces to £0.

Ongoing services

Ongoing investment oversight

How we charge: Annually, a percentage of the assets we manage for you.

Where we are providing ongoing investment oversight and advice, we charge an annual management fee of 0.7% on the funds we are overseeing.

What we charge: 0.7%.

Our expertise

Typical areas that we address

  • Reviewing your current financial circumstances
  • Collating data regarding your existing financial plans
  • Analysing your current finances
  • Determining the risk you are willing to take with your investments
  • Researching the options available to you based on your financial circumstance and objectives
  • Formulating our recommendations
  • Presenting our advice and recommendations
  • Discussing our proposals with you
  • Implementing the plan if you agree to proceed

A note on ‘exit charges’ and ‘tie-in periods’

We don’t believe in them.

It is entirely your choice if you decide you no longer wish to receive our advice. Our view is, why should you be penalised for doing what you think is right with your own money?

Additional Advice Projects

  • Pension and Investment Transfers

    How we charge: One-off fee.

    Due to the complexity of this work, an additional fee is charged on top of the Financial Planning fee. The fee charged is per individual and is inclusive of multiple transfers into one scheme.

    What we charge: £1,900 per transfer with a £450 surcharge beyond the 3rd plan**

    **This fee is per individual and is inclusive of three transfers into one scheme. Where there is more than three transfers, we reserve the right to charge an additional £450 fee per plan.

  • Tax planning using VCT and EISs

    How we charge: One-off fee.

    Due to the complexity of this work, an additional fee is charged on top of the Financial Planning fee.

    What we charge: £1,700 per investment

  • Regular or Lump Sum Investments in Pensions, ISAs and JISAs

    How we charge: We don’t.

    We do not charge clients additional fees for regular contributions into pensions, ISAs or JISAs. This is all included in the cost of the annual retainer fee.

  • Protection/Life Insurance

    How we charge: We receive commission from your provider.

    Where commission is received in respect of an insurance policy or protection or plan, we will retain that commission by way of payment. Which means you don’t need to hand over any of your hard-earned cash yourself.

  • Mortgage Service

    How we charge: Our fee is paid by your lender.

    In some cases, when we make an introduction to a mortgage specialist, we receive an introductory procuration fee. That means the lender pays us directly. Which means you’re not liable to pay us anything.

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The value of advice

We pride ourselves on delivering unmatched value to our clients. We understand that when it comes to wealth management, it’s not just about the cost but also the quality and effectiveness of the service provided. While we may be below average in terms of cost, we never compromise on quality.

True value is about the confidence that comes from knowing you are in capable hands, the peace of mind you feel from having a clear financial roadmap, and the satisfaction of knowing that your goals are within reach. With Aretian Wealth Management, you can experience the difference that personalised, results-driven financial planning can make.

We frequently assess our fees in relation to the broader market and are confident that we offer an extremely competitive fee structure. Below you can see how we compare in terms of cost when considering common rival investment solutions:

Aretian Wealth

  • £1,950 per annum. If we provide ongoing investment oversight for more than £500,000, this fee reduces to £0.
  • 0.7% annually on the funds we oversee.
  • Investment platform and solution typically 0.4-0.8% per annum

Typical fees on a £1 million portfolio = £12,950 – £16,950

National vertically integrated wealth manager

  • 5% bid offer spread or up to 5% initial fee
  • 1.25% annual platform and advice fee
  • 0.5% fund fees

Typical fees on a £1 million portfolio =  £67,500

Discretionary fund manager (DFM) with an adviser

  • 3% initial fee
  • 1% DFM fee
  • 0.5% advice fee
  • 0.75% fund fees

Typical fees on a £1 million portfolio =  £52,500

Client stories




Our conversations centred around what I wanted to achieve, and it then became about working out how I’d get that. My goal was financial freedom. I didn’t have that when we first met, but I’m glad to say, I do now.

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I met Nick a few years ago, via an introduction from a close friend. I was at the stage in my life where I really needed to think more strategically about my finances, and planning for the future and ultimately my retirement.

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I know that I am in good hands and that my finances are being looked after by someone I trust which gives me huge peace of mind. What I particularly value is the care that Paul gives – he is proactive, responsive and always makes time to listen and explain everything really clearly.

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Having the financial part of my life squared away gave me the confidence I needed to start my own company. I wouldn't have had the confidence that I have the money, or the bandwidth to take this step otherwise.

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Paul has helped us plan for our children’s futures. He advised us on school fees, how to plan for our children going to university, and we’ve gone through all life scenarios and said, in each one, are we secure? What do we need to do to ensure we would be secure in that situation?

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