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We started our sustainable investing journey almost fifteen years ago. During this period, we have had many discussions with clients regarding sustainable investment themes, from simply avoiding tobacco firms to investing their pension to encourage the energy transition.

The landscape for ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) investing today is considerably different. ESG investing in the UK and throughout the world continues to grow in popularity and importance, reflecting a global trend towards more sustainable and responsible investment practices.

The good news is that there is now a wide range of different options available for investors. However, it can be very confusing to work out what is what. As experts in ESG investing, our mission is to arm you with the knowledge to make informed decisions.

Responsible investing

Most responsible investment funds have a unique focus and structure behind them. This means that each is supposed to be judged on its merits.

Our internal framework is not all-inclusive. It is a generalisation that helps you think about how you want to invest your money and which Investment Managers may be best suited to carrying out your wishes.

As a result, we tend to think about responsible investments like this:

Normal investment

  • Profit over everything
  • Lowest cost
  • Greatest choice
  • No screening
  • No engagement

Responsible investment

  • Profit with integrated ESG
  • Less choice of investment
  • Stringent screening
  • Might engage

Sustainable investment

  • Profit but also do good
  • Less choice of investment
  • Less stringent screening
  • Likely to engage

Impact / Ethical

  • Do good. Hope for profit
  • Most expensive
  • Least choice of investment
  • Highly screened
  • Will engage

If you look at the above from left to right, you can think of each type as a trade-off over potential returns. However, you can also consider that a Responsible investment may be a safer long-term bet as they are more likely to avoid troublesome industries.

As with all investments, results vary across the board.

A brief overview of various ESG strategies


This involves filtering investments based on specific ESG criteria.

Shareholder engagement

Involves using shareholder power to influence corporate behaviour.

Thematic investing

Themes or sectors that are expected to benefit from long-term ESG trends.


Involves the incorporation of ESG factors into traditional financial analysis.

Impact investing

Aims to generate a measurable, beneficial social or environmental impact alongside a financial return.

Active ownership

An extension of shareholder engagement, where investors take a more proactive role on ESG issues.


Involves avoiding investments in certain sectors, companies, or projects based on ESG criteria.

Best-in-class selection

Investing in companies that lead their industries in ESG performance.

Norms-based screening

Screening investments based on compliance with international standards and norms.

ESG integration in risk management

Assessing how ESG factors contribute to the risk profile of investments.

Green bonds and sustainable financing

Investing in bonds issued to fund environmentally or socially beneficial projects.

ESG-themed indices

Investing in funds or products that track ESG indices.

Our approach to sustainable investing

As independent financial advisers, we can recommend a range of products that can meet your objectives, not just a ‘house’ solution. This includes blending the above approaches if suitable.

For example; you may wish to allocate inherited monies towards impact investing. You may wish to do this as it is less important to you to get a return on that money but it is important to think that you are encouraging change. However, you may be responsibly invested in your pension, where the profit incentive is much more important to sustain your retirement.

We are happy to discuss in, as much detail as you would like, your thoughts and preferences and then advise accordingly. Ultimately, the correct decision is the one that aligns with you and your family, while fulfilling your overall objectives.

The four ESG investment labels

In 2023, the FCA introduced four labels for sustainable investment. This labelling system is designed to help investors make more informed choices by understanding the sustainability focus of each investment product. These labels are below:

These concentrate on specific sustainability themes or objectives. Investments might focus on renewable energy, water conservation, or sustainable agriculture.

For example, a fund labelled “Sustainability Focus” could primarily invest in companies that are leading in renewable energy technologies or sustainable farming practices.

This is for products that invest in companies or projects showing improvement in their sustainability practices.

An example could be a fund that invests in companies that are transitioning from high carbon emissions to more sustainable operations, or firms improving their labour practices and social impact.

These products aim to generate a measurable, positive impact on environmental or social aspects, along with financial returns.

An example might include a fund investing in social housing projects, clean water initiatives, or enterprises that significantly contribute to carbon emission reductions.

This is designated for products that invest in a mix of assets with varying sustainability objectives.

For instance, a “Sustainability Mixed Goals” fund might include a combination of investments in renewable energy, ethical supply chains, and companies with strong governance practices.

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Our conversations centred around what I wanted to achieve, and it then became about working out how I’d get that. My goal was financial freedom. I didn’t have that when we first met, but I’m glad to say, I do now.

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I met Nick a few years ago, via an introduction from a close friend. I was at the stage in my life where I really needed to think more strategically about my finances, and planning for the future and ultimately my retirement.

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I know that I am in good hands and that my finances are being looked after by someone I trust which gives me huge peace of mind. What I particularly value is the care that Paul gives – he is proactive, responsive and always makes time to listen and explain everything really clearly.

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Having the financial part of my life squared away gave me the confidence I needed to start my own company. I wouldn't have had the confidence that I have the money, or the bandwidth to take this step otherwise.

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Paul has helped us plan for our children’s futures. He advised us on school fees, how to plan for our children going to university, and we’ve gone through all life scenarios and said, in each one, are we secure? What do we need to do to ensure we would be secure in that situation?

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