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I joined Sanlam in 2013 and founded Sanlam’s financial planning team “Sanlam Arete Financial Planning” in 2017. I was motivated by a desire to build a financial advice service that truly puts clients first. I wanted to create a business that specifically separates fees for advice from financial product sales – something that makes us distinctive and appealing to clients.

As well as being the Managing Director of the firm, I am a Chartered Financial Adviser. I specialise in advising clients on how to make a return on their money, minimise tax and maximise their pensions.

All of my work with clients is undertaken within the context of building a motivational and totally bespoke financial plan.

The part of my job I enjoy the most...

Helping clients realise their true financial situation.

As a trusted Financial Adviser I get to help people make some of the most important decisions of their lives. Helping them to achieve their most compelling lifestyle objectives is incredibly rewarding.

When I'm not at work, you'll find me...

In an ideal world, on the beach and surfing with my wife and children. In reality, hiking and cycling through the countryside with my family.

I’m a voracious reader of all things politics, economics and sci-fi and care deeply about the environment, the future of lifestyle and work in the 21st century and fairness within our society. As a married father of two young children, I have a vested interest in this area!

Important information

Firms and individuals must be authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to carry out regulated financial service activities. Our FCA number is 960483. You can see our details of our FCA registration here.

All financial advisers and planners in the UK must meet certain professional standards and requirements set out by the FCA. One of these requirements is to hold a Statement of Professional Standing (SPS).

You can view my SPS here.

Nice to meet you

Aside from necessities, what one thing could you not go a day without?


If I feel I am trudging alone without an objective or in any particular direction I feel restless and unhappy. The journey is the best part of life.

Experiencing life with my wife and watching my children develop into independent minded people.

What makes you laugh?

My children, my wife and Nick Cotter.

And Anchorman. I love lamp.

If you had to take part in Karaoke, what would be your song of choice?

I have a singing voice that has been likened to a bus exhaust. As such I find ‘Dirty old Town’ by the Pogues to be the perfect musical

Which celebrity would you most like to meet up for a coffee / glass of wine and why?

Neil Armstrong. At 38 he was the first man to walk on the moon. I would love to ask him about the mentality to keep on working hard towards an objective that no other human being had ever achieved in the whole of human history. What insight he could give…

What’s on your bucket list?

Mountain biking around the Norwegian Fjords, and to go into space, of course.

What three items would you take with you to a desert island?

  • 1. Water drum of fresh water and rain catcher
  • 2. Toolbox with Hammers, nails and saw
  • 3. Harpoon and net

I am a practical person.

What’s your proudest accomplishment?

Seeing my family happily playing together in our garden.

And launching Aretian Wealth Management

Have you ever met anyone famous? – story please!

I was once followed by ex-glamour model Jordan as I cut through traffic in side roads off the A3 in Surrey.

She drove behind me in her Land Rover for around 5 miles before eventually heading off on her own as we were by my house.

That and working with ex-professional international footballer Lanre Oyebanjo of course.

What is the best gift you’ve ever been given?

Ooni Outdoor Pizza Oven. I love the outdoors and I love Pizza. What’s not to like?